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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The atheist's greatest argument

"A man rapes and murders a twelve year old atheist girl; brutally tortures her for weeks then slowly murders her. Afterwards he regrets his action and repents and trusts in Christ for salvation he will have eternal Bliss. Meanwhile his little victim will be damned to hell because he murdered her before she found Christ. That is what your God says . . . Even the very rapist murderers I despise so much are a million times more moral than the cruel storm God who rewards them for no greater deed than asking his forgiveness . . . " Ryk

It seems that nothing angers an atheist like the thought that any murdering child molester could be forgiven by God. It is normal for him to create a scenario such as the above, where the girl goes to Hell and the monster goes to Heaven. Then sparks are spat at God, because in his mind He is the real evil One in the story, because He is unjust.

But why is the atheist so angry at God (whom he doesn’t believe exists). It is because the atheist intuitively demands justice. As a rational human being he has the moral Law stamped on his conscience. That’s why. It's not his "social conditioning" that caused the outrage. Every sane human being has a God-given conscience no matter what he is taught by society. No other creature other than man has this--not apes, dogs, cattle, sheep goats, fish, horses or cats. Only human beings seek justice, and demand retribution for that which is considered evil. What the professing atheist thinks is his greatest argument against God, is his greatest argument for God.