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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here we go Again...

"Ray has said that Male and Female evolved as separate species…And he used his 'a dog finally evolves eyes' story very recently on the BBC...Ray is willfully dishonest about evolution." BathTub

It’s hard keeping up with atheists’ distortions of things I have said, but I will try and correct this one, because it is important. I have never said that male and female "evolved as separate species." Rather, I have asked atheists where females came from, and have been told by our resident evolutionary expert that male and female began to exist 400 million years ago. When I asked him for scientific evidence to back up how he knows that this took place, there was silence.

Silence, that is, except for a couple of atheists who quickly ran to his defense with "Why Ray? I have NEVER seen you 'scientifically back up' ANYTHING you have EVER said or written...EVER. He can make a case for this statement but why SHOULD he when all you do is make blind assertions?" Sure. Another atheist jumped in with "Ray, why do you ask for evidence or explanation that you've already told us you're going to refuse? To ask a question you will refuse any answer to seems pointless at best, and intellectually dishonest at worst."

In other words there is no scientific evidence to back up the belief that there were primordial life forms that came from nowhere, created by nothing. These evolved into asexual creatures, then, (according to our resident expert) for some reason each one evolved two sexual organs. Then, for another unknown reason, the 1.4 million species that had evolved on the earth, 400 million years ago all became male and female.

As I have said many times, I have no objection to anyone believing any fantasy they wish. They are quite harmless, unless they became a stumbling block for the salvation of any human being. That’s what atheistic evolution does. Those who believe the fantasy reject God and the account of our genesis. I have, therefore, devoted much of my life and energy into pleading with them to think deeply about the implausible nature of what they believe, and then in the light of that reconsider their rejection of Christianity.