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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Coming Atheist Debate

"Ray, this is important. The show will occur at 4:30 p.m. central time. So don't try to use the excuse that you mistakenly thought it was 4:30 pacific. It truly is a shame that we have to try to flush out all of the reasons you might come up with to avoid the show so that you can't use them yourself. It's completely necessary, but still a shame." Shawn Phillips

You need not be concerned. When they call, I will pick up the phone. I love this sort of thing and I'm honored to be on.

You may not be aware that I was the one who instigated the ABC Nightline atheist debate, and paid our opponents to show up. I instigated my speaking at American Atheists Inc. National Convention in 2001. My opponent in that case chickened out after I sent him one of my books, and had to be shamed into flying me over. I was the one who offered Richard Dawkins $20,000 for a debate, but was told he didn't debate creationists. Yet he did a debate this month with a creationist on Revelation TV.

I also challenged Bill Maher to a debate on his program in front of his audience (he’s really brave in front of his own crowd). I didn’t hear back from him. I challenged Berkeley University atheists to a debate during the Origin of Species giveaway. They declined.

Most of the atheists on this blog don’t even have the courage to give their real names, as they bravely share their convictions behind the anonymity of their computer screens.

However, I must say that ThunderfOOt not only challenged me to a debate, but showed up by himself at this ministry. God bless him.

By the way, if you are expecting some sort of blood-bath on Sunday, I think you will be disappointed. I like Matt and will treat him with respect, and knowing him, I’m sure it will be mutual. What I would have liked is for the phone lines to be opened up to the public, but from what I understand they don’t have that capability. That would have added some heat.

So I will be waiting for my call on Sunday . . . God willing, of course (James 4:15).

P.s. If you know of any other atheist organizations who would like an interview/debate, just let me know. They are pretty hard to find. There’s a lot of chicken-liver out there.

Picture. Chicken liver.