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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Atheist Experience

"Hi Ray! You sure did sound pretty stupid this afternoon on the Atheist Experience! Thanks for letting us all know about how your presuppositions completely affect your infantile thinking! I'd love to see you call in again, Ray, that was really entertaining. Thanks for making me laugh so hard at your petty attempts to try and validate a bronze age belief system..." PurityOfEssence

Laughter is good for the soul, and I'm pleased my appearing on "The Atheist Experience" did this atheist's soul some good. I don't know who first said that laughter does us good, but it certainly is backed up by the 3,000 year-old Bronze-age Book...and science is just starting to catch up on that truth.

Proverbs 17:22 says, "A merry heart does good like a medicine: but a broken spirit dries the bones."

Here's what scientists recently discovered:

"Researchers at the University of Maryland found that when 20 healthy volunteers smiled and guffawed while watching the comedy, Kingpin, their blood flow increased by 22 percent, about the same increase caused by aerobic exercise. But when volunteers watched tension-filled scenes from Saving Private Ryan, their blood flow decreased 35 percent.” (The Week magazine, March 25, 2005).

I laughed a little too. Matt and Russell are really nice guys and they certainly gave me a fair shake. I had an enjoyable atheist experience.

PurityOfEssence said, "Thanks for letting us all know about how your presuppositions completely affect your infantile thinking!" I presume that this is someone who has had the atheist experience. I'm not sure what experience an atheist can have, but I'm sure it is subjective, and I'm also sure that those who have had it come to the table to talk about the existence of God, with their own presuppositions.

Before the program, "The Atheist Experience" blogspot said:

"Anticipation for this one has been off the chain. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it in my 12 off-and-on years of being involved with AETV, and I imagine we'll easily have the largest UStream viewership we've ever had. With about 4½ hours to go at the time I'm writing this, already the chat room is packed. By the way, you can stop sending us 'Q for Ray’ questions now. We've gotten literally hundreds of them..."

So I'm a little mystified that more atheists aren't now telling me how much I bombed.

One atheist thought that I lied about transitional forms, and said one of my analogies crashed. A number of others said that I made a fool of myself (nothing new there). Godlesspanther said, "I think all three of you did a great job. The show turned out well, Thank you Ray. Thank you Matt. Thank you Russell." Atheist Arianna Fenton-Ham added, "I wanted to say that I was really pleased to hear that you were going on the show, and I thought the conversation was nice. I liked hearing your perspective -- once you got past all your rhetoric."

More atheists: "I listened to the interview on AE and enjoyed it very much," "I'm glad you called into the show and, while I disagree with most of what you said, it was a good show."

There was even a comment from one of the hosts (Russell): "We had a great time too, Ray, in all sincerity. Thanks for joining, swing by any time you're in Austin. And thanks for the bumper at the end :)."

Someone who called himself "ChemicalWolf" said, "Wow, Ray...Not since the Roman Coliseum has a Christian taken such a spectacular beating. You got DESTROYED!" I wonder if he watched the same program as the rest of us? Or perhaps his name gives us a clue as to why he didn’t see things too clearly.

Maybe the guys on "The Atheist Experience" were too nice. Someone needs to really take me down. It needs to be someone who is extremely eloquent and knowledgeable, and with a sarcastic and cutting tongue...someone who has already publically called me "an ignorant fool," a "flat earther," an "idiot" (on CNN), has mocked me on TV a number of times, and has told university students to rip my writings out of a book. Then again, no one would really like to see the Professor take me down, would they? Silly idea.

P.s. Russell/Matt. If you are ever in Southern California (we are 15 minutes from Disneyland), I would love to buy you lunch.

A COUPLE MORE: "Hello! I'm a long time listener of 'The Atheist Experience' program, and I just listened to the show where you were a call-in guest. I emailed them about this as well-- that was my favorite show they have ever done. I really enjoyed the discussion. I just wanted to say that I hope you consider going on there again. I think it's something that people from both sides of the issue can enjoy listening to. Thanks again, Sara."

"Ray, in response to this post: I greatly enjoyed the discussion today, and I wouldn't characterize it as 'you bombed'. You strongly and earnestly presented and defended your views. Matt and Russel, likewise, responded exactly as I would have, and I admit that I was fist-pumping over some of the responses. I enjoyed the discussion because it was rigorous and thought-provoking and exposed the theological and intellectual underpinnings of both sides. While I am squarely in the AETV column, I think it's fair to say that you aren't getting a torrent of condescending atheists because you really did generate a direct, open, polite, and unexpectedly candid discussion. I think most of us were not expecting that. I would absolutely love to hear you on the show again another day."