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Monday, January 9, 2012

Be Perfect

Comfort Food
Read the Bible in a year: Genesis 17-18, Psalm 19-21, Matthew 11

In today’s reading we see that God appeared to Abraham and told him to be “perfect.” While many profess to be morally good, few are so deluded that they claim to be perfect. I know this to be true because I often ask people who think that they are good, if they are perfect in thought, word, and in deed. We all know that nobody’s perfect. But that was God’s requirement for Abraham (see Genesis 17:1). So what was Abraham’s response? He fell on his face. That’s a gesture of humility…body-language. He was throwing himself at the mercy of the Judge. Jesus said to be perfect (see Matthew 5:48). I don’t think that it means to be “mature,” as some say that it does, because He added, “As your Father in Heaven is perfect.” God isn’t morally mature. That would mean that He was once less than mature. I think that it rather means that we are to be morally perfect because we are going to be judged by the perfect Law of liberty (see James 2:12). We should take note of Abraham, and fall on our faces, and trust alone in the mercy of the Judge, and then warn everyone “that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.”

Dessert: Copying the Eye. Don’t Even Think About it.
An artificial eye was originally called a “glass” eye, but science has come a long way since those days. Nowadays artificial eyes sure look good; however, they don’t look good, at all. The replacement for the eye that God made may fill a cavity of the eye socket, but it’s just cosmetic. You can’t see through it. Years ago, if you lost an eye, before eyes were available, you would have had to simply wear a patch, but nowadays they can attach the new blind eye to muscles in the socket to provide eye movement. Today, most eyes that are man-made are made of plastic, and instead of lasting a life-time like the eyes that God supplies, its average life is about 10 years.

“Nobody ever outgrows Scripture; the book widens and deepens with our years.” ― Charles H. Spurgeon