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Friday, August 31, 2012

Darwin's Gift to Humanity

My name is insomnia, I keep you from sleep
I want to make you miserable; I want to make you weep
If you get away from me, I have a good friend
His name is Night-terrors and he will get you in the end

To wake up with the sweats with darting wide eyes
Panting and shaking with deep painful sighs
I also have friends called Sickness and Pain
Who's job is to kill you or injure or maim

They have small annoyances, like itches and aches
They want you to suffer and will do what it takes
There’s deafness and blindness and fears from within
That drive to the false refuge of whiskey and gin

There are pains in the neck and pains in the back
There are pains in head and pains that attack
The liver, the kidneys, the lungs and the heart
There are pains in the bladder that strike like a dart

There’s heartburn and acid that comes from the gut
And earache and toothache and pains from a cut
There's asthma, arthritis and a whole lot more
Terrifying diseases to put you at death’s dark door

There are ailments with names that are real hard to say
That are attacking and maiming thousands each day
There’s frightening cancers that eat at the brain
And others so painful they will drive you insane

So what hope can you give me if the fittest survive
The hopelessness of evolution can’t keep me alive
It’s unscientific, and was dreamed up by man
Who runs from his Creator whenever he can

We live in a world that has fallen from God
And when we feel these pains we should give a wise nod
And believe the Scriptures despite what men say
Who will stand before God and believe on that Day

They will get what they deserve, they loved lying and lust
And despised the cross and repentance and trust
They will wish that we warned them that God meant what He said
But swallowed the lie, when men are dead, they're dead

If you’re not born again, please listen to me
God offers eternal life, and it's completely free
Don’t ignore the warnings of life’s pains anymore
Because this place is Heaven compared to what's in store

I'm speaking the truth and deep down you know it
Life is most precious; make sure you don’t blow it
God so loved the world, He gave Jesus His Son
You don't need religion because the sufferings been done

So go save the whales and look after the trees
Lay off the salt and don't eat too much cheese
Eat plenty of fiber and die healthy and well
But die in your sins, and you will end up in Hell.

Photo by: Patche99z