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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bad News For Zoos

No doubt not too many people will be excited about taking their families to the zoo, after the four year-old tiger killed a man and mauled two others in the San Francisco Zoo, in late December of 2007. How frightening it would be to be chased by a big cat, whose sole intent is to rip your body to pieces, and then eat it. Around the time of the attack I spotted a bumper sticker on an atheist web site that said “Too many Christians. Not enough lions.” Nice folks. One comment on the site said that it was a “clever bumper sticker.” Actually, no-one can “kill” a Christian. It’s been well-said that death isn’t the termination of existence, but the entrance into an eternal and unchanging state. The Christian has been “sealed” with the life of God Himself. All a murderer does is promote those that trust in Christ from this pain-filled futile existence, into reality. Then, in the coming Kingdom we will enjoy forever an earth where the lion will lie down with the lamb.