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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Eggshell Face

Experts tell us that most deaths from sky diving happen because of “human error,” insinuating that if you are careful, you will be okay. Duh. Most premature deaths are from human error. Human error comes into play with car accidents, drug overdoses, pedestrian deaths, falls down stairs, medical “mistakes,” etc. There’s a reason that the “Dummies” series of books sell so well. We are crash dummies that are prone to error. Just read blogs for a few moments, and you will see what I mean. Despite careful checking, typos and wrong words sneak through. None of us is inflammable . . um. . . infallible.

Experts think that when 21 year-old Shana Richardson jumped on her first accelerated free fall from 10,000 feet, she made a mistake. She began to spin out of control and ended up hitting the ground face first at 50 MPH. She was “egg-shelled,” and ended up with 15 metal plates in her face. So, think twice before you risk your most precious possession for a quick thrill. If you are bored with life and you need an adrenalin rush, try open air preaching. It’s more dangerous than sky diving (see Acts 7:57-60), arguably more scary, and infinitely more productive. And if your life is taken from you while you are preaching, at least your death will not be from human error. It will rather be by divine permission.