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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Buzz about Huz and Luz

Comfort Food

Read the Bible in a year: Genesis 22-23, Psalms 26-29, Matthew 14

You may have heard the song, “Father Abraham had Many Sons,” but did you know that he also had many nephews?  Two of them were named “Huz” and “Buz” (see Genesis 22:21).  Huz and Buz aren’t mentioned anywhere else in Scripture, so it seems they didn’t do much that was noteworthy. Then again, they may have discovered the land of Uz (see Job 1:1) and named it after themselves.  Partly.  They may have also named the land of Luz.  Luz was a small town in Canaan.  The name means to “turn aside,” and is used in a negative sense.  It can either mean turning aside from wisdom (see Proverbs 3:21, 4:21) or it can mean being a "twisted" person (see Proverbs 3:32, 14:2), as was Jacob until God straightened him out.  I guess Jacob wasn’t too impressed with the name Luz, because after having his famous ladder dream he renamed it “Bethel” (Genesis 28:19).  But despite its unromantic name, Luz lived on. Many years later, after a battle, a collaborator from the enemy was given his freedom, and he founded a town which he called Luz (see Judges 1:26).   
Copying the Retina
“The retinal cells in our eyes recognize and interpret light, then send this information to other cells to which they are connected. All these visual processes have inspired a new model for computers…One research team, led by Carver Mead of the California Institute of Technology, is looking into the secrets that allow the retina to carry out all these processes so easily….Despite all these efforts, however, it’s proved to be impossible to imitate the retinal network’s circuitry, because of the vast number of individual cells in the living retina and the connections between them. Design engineers, therefore, are now trying to understand how the retina’s neural network operates and are designing simpler circuits which, ideally, can perform similar functions.” 
“God helps those who cannot help themselves.” ― Charles H. Spurgeon